Reap the Benefits of Social Media Marketing


We attend tradeshows and meetings as well as sponsor and attend various local charities and events as a way of advertising, interacting with new and existing customers as well as fellow business owners. It is also an excellent way to identify trends and sales opportunities.

Social Media operates in a similar fashion!

We use social media on a daily basis - staying in touch with loved ones, keeping up with breaking news, trends, politics and so much more. It is a great tool for your business in so many ways. Lets examine a few.Social Media.fw

  1. Communication: Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are universally used as a communication highway; inviting people around the world to express their thoughts and opinions on products, businesses, breaking news, politics, local events and so much more. It is a great way to maintain a relationship with your customers and clients as well as other business owners.
  2. Advertising: Social Media is not just about liking and sharing inspirational, motivational and/or entertaining material. It is a great way to let your customers and associates know what you are up to! This could be promoting a product or service, attending a trade show in their area, and most importantly, in this busy world of ours, it is a great way to maintain business relationships.
  3. Search Engine Optimization:  That is right! Linking your social platforms to your website will direct and increase traffic. YouTube for example is a great way to display videos of your business, products and services. Although it does not sell products, adding a link to your website in your video will direct your customers to your page where they can learn more about your business, and purchase your product or service.

A well designed Social Media page, combined with a little know-how and you now essentially have an online tradeshow!