• Unlock the power of a website and unite your customers with your business.

    Unlock the power of a website
    and unite your customers with your business.

  • Three important keys to a successful website are:

    Quality Content

    Good Design

    Device Responsive

  • Well written, informative content will peak your customers' interest in your business.

  • A well designed website easily points your customers to the information they are looking for and gets you noticed by Google and NEW customers!

  • Responsiveness is a requirement!
    Your website should look FANTASTIC on cell phones, tablets and monitors!

Website Building Stages

Brain Storming

Getting to know you!

Let's grab a coffee and get started.

    The first step is assembling the tools required for your website.
  1. Purpose:
    Are you providing information, promoting a service, selling a product...?
  2. Goals:
    The most common goals for business websites are to advertise or inform, and to increase revenue.
  3. Target Audience:
    Knowing the age, sex and/or interests of your target audience will be a factor in the design phase of your website
  4. Content:
    Will your ideal customer be looking for specific information, your products or service, the ablility to order online?
  5. Branding:
    Do you have a logo for your company, and what are your company colors? This will also be a factor in the design phase.

Designing Your Website

Now that we have the tools required. We are ready to move forward to the designing phase.

The first step is creating a sitemap with the Main Topics and their sub-topics. This will set up the navigational system of your website and keep your content organized and easy for your customers to find.

The second step will be setting up a mock up of the site map. Once this phase is complete, we will send you a link to the mock up so you will be able to view the progress of the design phase.

Now it is time to implement your company colours, logo, and content based on the information from our brainstorming phase. Communication is key during this phase as our mock page is slowly turning into YOUR company. It must reflect your needs, tastes, values and company! Lets' make the changes required to ensure a proper reflection!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your Customers Need to Find You!

Now that we have created this fantastic website, the next phase is to make sure your customers will easily find you.

There are many options and details in optimizing your website. We will start with the basics, and we can discuss more options from there. We already have high quality content, a great design, and we are device friendly. Now we will examine some of the key words your customers are using to find you, and implement them as well.

Google will be checking on us! Lets' thoroughly test the website to make sure we meet the criterias. Are there any spelling or grammar errors throughout the website? Do all of the links work properly? How well is it displaying on tablets, cell phones and monitors?

We are now ready to go live! This is an exciting moment.

A successful web site requires one more element
- the Human Touch!

  • We start with the end-user. These are your NEW and existing customers.
    A successful website is designed with them in mind. Leading the end-user quickly and effortlessly to the information, product or service your business offers.
  • Then there is the Business. That is YOU! Your website should not only reflect you and your business, it should meet and exceed your business requirements. It is designed to grow with your dreams and goals!
  • Then there is the Internet Geek. That would be us. We begin our geekiness by studying both the business and end-user, then we dive in to our geeky behaviour with pages and pages of CSS, PHP and HTML creating a masterpiece that will unite customers and businesses around the world.

Why Do We Enjoy Being Internet Geeks?

We enjoy a good challenge. The thrill of continually learning, mastering and improving new techniques. Growing with Google, and various other search engines to maintain high ranking webpages.

At the end of the design, it is about giving the small and medium sized businesses a bit of a boost in a "Big-Box" world as we work together to launch a world wide business!

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